We recognizes the importance of nutrition in supporting the well-being of cancer patients during their treatment journey. To address this crucial aspect, the institute has established a dedicated pantry service that provides thoughtfully curated meals based on dietary recommendations from the institute's dietitians. This service encompasses the delivery of nutritious and balanced breakfast, lunch, evening tea, and dinner directly to the patients, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients required for their recovery. The menu is designed in collaboration with dietitians to meet the specific dietary needs of cancer patients, taking into consideration factors such as treatment side effects and individual preferences. By offering this pantry service, the institute not only contributes to the physical health of patients but also endeavors to create a supportive and holistic environment that aids in their overall well-being during the challenging period of cancer treatment.


At no cost food partners inside hospital premises

  • Lions Aahar (timing - Every Monday Lunch)
  • North East Khalsa Centre (Timing - Every Wednesday Lunch)
  • The Akshaya Patra Foundation Guwahati ( Timing - Monday to Saturday Lunch)
  • Annakut Bihar (1st floor IPD Building) ( Lunch to 100 OPD patient everyday )