Mission & Vision




Our mission is to reach the highest standards of cancer care in North-East Region of India with relentless service, quality education and dedicated research





We have a broad vision of achieving complete coverage in North-East India regarding cancer care, with meaningful and lasting collaborations and delivering standard evidence-based cancer care in an affordable and equitable manner. We strive to provide seamless in-hospital and outreach services and the ambit of which will keep up with time and advancements made in the field of oncology. We aim to reach physical locations in every nook and corner of the North-East region of India .Our reach will increase with the generation of human resources with our quality training programmes in various disciplines of oncology. Our volume of work will be the core asset to engender high-quality evidence regarding cancers with high incidence in our region and other relevant problems of national or global importance. We aim to create a promising social environment which whereby the idealistic shift from cancer cure to cancer prevention may become an achievable dream.