Admission Procedures:


  1. Patients advised hospitalization by the treating doctor.
  2. Patients visits the admission and discharge counter at Ground floor, room no. 34 at OPD building (for General patients) & Private billing counter, 2nd floor at OPD building (for Private patients).
  3. Clerical staff checks the written instruction by Doctor on the file and as per requirements allocates the beds or waitlisted.
  4. The bed charges are as per the facility availed .(Refer to the Bed type/ rate & facility availed)
  5. Once bed is allocated to the patients the patient is directed to the assigned ward for admission.


Discharge procedures:


Your treating Doctor will decide when it is advisable for you to leave the Hospital. In most cases, he will be able to discuss your discharge with you a day in advance or the same day during the ward rounds. It is important that you arrange to leave by the check out time, so that preparations can be made to receive a new patient.


Refund of Medicines

You may want to return unused medicines/ consumables that you have been supplied from the Dispensary. The Dispensary will take back the medicines after checking the Purchasing bills and condition of the medicines. After all verifications your medicines will be returned and will be given a refund voucher which be refunded to your hospital account.


Discharge summary:

Your treating Doctor will prepare a discharge summary along with all Investigations, treatment, final diagnosis and advice on discharge, including next follow up dates and medications if any. Please go through the discharge summary carefully. If you have any queries please contact you’re treating Doctor.


Settlement of Account:

Once discharge is intimated, please proceed to the OPD building admission & discharge counter 34 for the settlement process. You may choose to pay the bill by cash or credit card. Prompt clearance of your bills will help facilitate an early discharge.


No payments should be made outside of what is specified in your bill.


No tips should be given to any staff in the hospital.


Reimbursement of Medical Expenses