Dr .B Borooah Cancer Institute blood centre is a licensed blood centre with 100% component preparation. At present we have license for 7 blood components. It is the first centre in the entire North East to have license for Peripheral Blood Stem Cell collection. Our blood centre has enrolled under Haemo-vigilance programme of India & e-Raktkosh where we regularly upload our data in national forum. Besides this we conduct regular blood donation camp, awareness programme and immunohematology workshop.


Blood Component available

  1. Whole blood
  2. Packed Red Blood Cell (PRBC)
  3. Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  4. Random Donor Platelet (RDP)
  5. Cryoprecipitate.
  6. Single Donor Plateletpheresis (SDP)
  7. Peripheral Blood Stem Cell collection (PBSC)

Laboratory work

  1. Blood grouping and Cross matching.
  2. Antibody screening
  3. Transfusion Transmitted Infection (TTI).