Speech and Swallow Therapy Depending on the treatment and treatment-related side effects resulting from the management of head and neck cancer, a patient’s ability to speak, eat , the issues concerning articulation, voice, and swallow may be affected. The speech-language pathologist (SLP) will play a vital role in assessing, treating, and guiding the patient and their family through the treatment and recovery journey.


Department of Speech and Swallow Therapy was established in the year September, 2019 at DR B Borooah Cancer Institute ,Since then the speech and swallow therapy service is being provided .and the Speech and Swallowing Therapy services are being provided on ICU, HDU, IPD & OPD basis to the Cancer patient .


Speech and Swallowing therapy department interacts with various DMG’s and ensure optimum rehabilitation for better recovery and increase quality of Life of cancer patient.


In addition to regular rehabilitation, Speech and Swallowing therapy department arranges various awareness and screening camps in collaboration with different NGO’s of Assam.

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Mridul Ali

Mridul Ali

Speech and Swallowing Therapist