01 · Monday to Friday From 9-00 AM to 4-00 PM
02 · Saturday From 9-00 AM to 1-00 PM

Section Doctors OT days
SURGERY Dr. B. K. Das Wednesday
Dr. B. B. Borthakur Monday
Dr. J. Purkayastha Friday
Dr. A. Talukdar Wednesday
GYNAECOLOGY Dr. A. C. Kataki Tuesday/ Thursday
Dr. D. Barman
Dr. P. Deka
HEAD & NECK SURGERY Dr. A. K. Das Tuesday/ Friday
Dr. T. Rahman
Dr. R.J. Das Monday/ thursday
Dr. S.K. Medhi
Dr. K. Das
PAIN & PALLIATIVE CARE CLINIC Dr. K. Bhagawati Monday - Saturday
Dr. S. Sarma
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